Gooooood morning!

During my staycation, I spent a lot of time in the weight room. I got some really good workouts in, I played with new equipment, and I worked with heavier weights. I really liked one of the core circuits I put together, and it’s one I’ve repeated a few times since I first did it. Thought you guys might like it for something a little different from my usual planks and v-sits.

Weight Room Ab Circuit

Here are some visuals and notes to help you:

Hanging Leg Raises

There’s a few versions of this one. Start on the machine by raising the legs with knee bent before progressing to the more advanced version with legs extended out.

Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging Leg Raise

Once you’ve mastered both, then you can try this hanging version. <— requires SERIOUS core strength. I just called all three versions “hanging” for ease of my PicMonkey graphic.

Cable Wood Chops

Start with lighter weight first before jumping in to anything too heavy on the cable machine.

Cable Wood Chop

Grasp the stirrup from a shoulder height cable pulley. You should pull diagonally downward by rotating the torso and gradually lowering your arms, keeping them straight. It should look like a lunge twist in its final position, but it’s more about the obliques than your legs.

Decline Bench Situps

Unless you want to have an awkward moment on the decline bench, make sure your feet are secured properly. Beginners, you can start with a smaller decline if you want so you get used to the movement. This exercise could also be done on a step with different sets of risers on each side. I find this move hardest if I cross my arms over my chest while executing!

Decline Bench Situps

Feel free to play around with the number of reps for each exercise. If you are working with the more advanced versions or using heavier weight on the cable woodchop, you may want to aim for a lower number of reps. Hope you guys rock this one!

–Let’s chat–
Where do you normally get your ab workouts in? In the weight room, at home, or in a class? Have you done any of these exercises before? Do you have a “go to” core exercise that you always choose?

Two A Day folks, get ready for some serious timed circuits tonight!