I arrived at the gym tonight pretty ticked off and cranky.  Nothing I am going to vent about in the blog, but we all have things that get to us throughout the day.  And today was just one of those days.

HOWEVER, I’m clearly a big fan of turning negative emotion into a kick ass workout.


Because I’m…

Ha!  How funny is that!

Anyways, after probably one too many “long cardio” songs while subbing Kix, this is the little workout I killed my class with tonight:

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For the countdowns, we did 10 reps of move A then 10 reps of move B, then 9 reps of Move A, then 9 reps of move B, and so forth.  In between the first two countdown sets, I threw in a cardio tabata – four minutes total of 20 seconds intense, 10 second recovery circuits.  After the last two countdowns, we did our quick feet combo (quick feet, quick hands, then quick feet and hands together).

Then, since that wasn’t enough, we finished with some extra things.

You know, like supersets:

  • Seated Rows & Decline Chest Press — 15 reps of 3 alternating sets
  • Criss-Cross Abs & Roll Ups — 8 reps for 3 alternating sets

And some more abs.  Just for fun:

  • 2 sets of 8 crunches + 8 crunch pulses
  • 10 heel taps + 10 second 6 inch leg hold, x2

Hard class:  Check
Legs feeling like jelly:  Check
Better mood than pre-workout:  Check

Used this playlist, same one from last week’s classes since I wasn’t sick of it yet:

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Disclaimer:  While Nicki Minaj claims there is a clean version to “Starships,” yelling a bleeped “We’re higher than a mother f*cker!” like 10 times throughout the song still probably isn’t YMCA appropriate.  Sorry, class.  But not really, cause it’s pretty funny when you think of it.

Time to faceplant.

When’s the last time you…

  1. Worked off a bad mood
  2. Found something awesome with your name in it
  3. Thought vulgarity in a song was funny

Comment please!  Night all.