That is an understatement.

Honestly, sometimes I think I’m like an infant when it comes to my eating schedule.  If I’m due for food, I do get a little weird.  The things I say start to not make any sense.  If I’m really overdue for food, I get a headache.  Then if it’s well beyond the time my body needs sustenance, well, I just get cranky.

Tim pretty much has this down pat.  He knows better to pick a fight with me when I’m hungry.  “Do I need to pull over and get you something to eat?”  Ha!  99% of the time, the answer is “Yes, please.  I am completely transparent and you are completely spot on with your assessment of my mood.”

My co-workers have started to realize the same thing about me as we’ve been traveling more lately.  Lucky them.

Tuesday consisted of a 6am workout at Trim Gym with Colleen, a 12 hour workday at St. Bernard’s, and an hour and a half drive back to Memphis.  We had to stay beyond our usual workday for a 6pm physician meeting that lasted two hours.  Dinner was provided but it was greasy and I just could not eat it.  So you can imagine my mood when we rolled into the Memphis airport Marriott around 9:30pm.  I can pretty much say I stopped verbally responding to anyone addressing me in the car about a half hour into the ride.  Sighs and exasperated looks excluded.  And I pretty much bee-lined to my room to order room service the second we checked in.

Maybe “When I Get Hungry, I Turn Into a Raging B*tch” is a more appropriate title for this post.

Tuesday’s Workout:  A little of everything!

  • 20 minutes on the elliptical
  • Biceps, triceps, and shoulders with the band
  • Jumping jacks between each band set
  • Pushups for chest
  • Obliques, glutes, and outer thigh with the bar
  • Inner thigh with body weight
  • Abs with the bender ball.  Colleen gave me the lesson this time on bender ball so that was cool and fun to try something new.

Tuesday’s Food:

Breakfast:  Oatmeal with peach yogurt and orange juice

Snack:  Almonds

Lunch:  A salad from Sue’s Kitchen, this little lunch place next door to the hospital.  Colleen and I concocted salads that weren’t really on the menu.  We just combined our favorite parts of each into one healthy option.  I think the waitress hated us, but the end product was surprisingly good.

Snack:  Half a Clif Bar (thanks Colleen), some more almonds, a pear, and an apple.

Dinner:  Not til after 10pm grrr but I got a Cobb salad via room service and was so tired and grumpy I forgot to take a picture of it.  I got it with no bacon.  And a side order of roasted red pepper and gouda soup.

Wednesday the flight home went smoothly.  Glad to be back in Boston with no known trips upcoming within the next month!

Question of the Day:  What happens when you get hungry?  Do you get cranky like me!?