“There WILL be Hanson.”

My opening line in both Tuesday and Thursday class this week.

I will admit that when I think of a rockin’ workout playlist, Rudolph and Frosty aren’t the first tunes to come to mind.  I could tell that some people in class agreed by the doubting looks I got when I announced we would be having a holiday themed class.


Workout to Christmas carols?! 

There’s no way.

No David Guetta?

^^ What I thought some peeps REALLY wanted to say out loud after my big announcement.

But let’s not be Scrooges, people!  Every year I like to spice things up in class a bit for the week before Christmas and rock out, err, work out to holiday jams.  And I don’t only get like this for the holiday season.  Remember my “Yay It’s Summer” class?  Everyone was skeptical at first, but by the end there were giggles all around to all my songs that had something to do with sunshine and summer.  So what if the giggles were AT me?

However, I did make sure to confirm beforehand that at least SOME class attendees would be on board with the holiday tunes.

A little  Facebook survey – why not?

7 yays?  Good enough for me!

I tried to go with an upbeat playlist (think:  No Bing Crosby) to lighten everyone’s spirits and make the hour Circuit Training class fly by.

I think I succeeded!  Class was over before we knew it, I got some good reactions (mainly Jen’s YESSSS’s, AHHS, etc), and at some points I didn’t even realize we were exercising to holiday tunes.  If you aren’t sick of it yet, make this playlist and go squeeze in a happy little workout before your holiday plans.

By the way, my workouts this week have been awesome!  I am SO sore and can’t be more thrilled about my off day today.  My legs are like jello!  And I LOVE it.  And my shoulder feels good!  Woohoo!

Week’s Workouts

  • Monday:  Spin class + Shoulder Strengthening
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day!  Liz’s Kix and then taught my Circuit
  • Wednesday:  Physical Therapy in the morning (last one!) for more shoulder stuff, and back to CBC at night
  • Thursday:  Taught Circuit

Not too shabby for the week before Christmas.

Would you ever workout to holiday music?  Yay or nay?  If you were in class this week, what did you think?  Was the playlist too much or really fun?  Do you have any other upbeat holiday song suggestions for next year’s holiday themed classes?  Did you get any workouts in this week?

Off to bake the day away!!