you made it you did it

Welcome to a new little series I’m starting on the blog. You Made It, You Did It will be posted occasionally to showcase any of YOU who just happen to be making F&F recipes, doing F&F workouts, or using any F&F inspiration in your own way.

Here’s what some of you have been up to lately:

This weekend, Jackie made the casserole recipe I posted last week. She also went for a run in the New Balance Fresh Foams she won in this F&F giveaway last year. Way to go, Jackie!

jackie casserole

Ashley and Bret have been enjoying my grain free double chocolate banana muffins. Can’t say I blame them.

Muffins from Ashley

So has Mary, just in loaf form. And with coffee?! Yes, please.

Mary Grain Free Banana Bread

Liz recently chose her daughter as her fitness buddy for this total body partner workout. Cutest Valentine if you ask me.

Liz and daughter

And Monique dominated three rounds of my total body kettlebell circuit workout. Looking strong, my friend!

monique kettlebell

It really makes my day to see your social media shares after trying out F&F recipes and workouts, so keep em coming! Just make sure to tag me at @fitnessandfeta or email me at so I know to include you in Volume 2.

Readers, let’s chat! Have you ever tried a recipe or workout from this blog? If so, which ones?