Hi, I’m Athena.
I teach women how to step away from perfectionism and the comparison trap and instead create an intentional, balanced, and empowered approach to fitness and nutrition so they can get strong, feel confident, and live more fully and freely.
What My Clients Are Saying

Working with Athena will be one of the best things you do not only for yourself, but the people around you too!

If you are looking to lose fat, tone up, eat a more nutritious and energizing diet that will help you achieve your goals, and also start cultivating a more positive outlook towards yourself in this process, then Athena is the person for you.

Shruti S

I began Athena’s coaching program pretty consistent about exercise and eating decent. I was self-confident and accepting of my body but looking for change and not seeing it.

I wasn’t looking for a complete overhaul or a diet, and Athena helped me tweak my actions and thinking in ways that work for my lifestyle and help me see change physically.

Laura H

Working with Athena 1:1 has been life-changing, and that’s not me being hyperbolic.

The past eighteen months working with Athena have been invaluable. She has shown me that above all else, we make choices for ourselves and that my goals are my goals, even if others might have things to say about them, I am in control.

Serrie H

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