Best Self Coaching


Fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching for time-strapped, perfectionist women who don’t like to settle for the status quo when it comes to their health!

You feel like you are doing a lot of things right already when it comes to your health.

You enjoy working out and consider yourself a pretty active person, but sometimes you question what the best type of workout is for you. You aren’t sure why your body isn’t changing, despite your time in the gym.

Or, you just don’t want to get complacent. You want to know if there’s more you could be doing, and you love finding new ways to challenge and push yourself!

You aren’t someone who eats a lot of unhealthy food. You do eat vegetables, and you think you get enough protein, but then you second guess. Maybe you should be eating differently for your specific goals?

Because you like to do things perfectly, you often find yourself overthinking all the things you should and could be doing in your fitness.

Your perfectionist ways also mean that you’re REALLY hard on yourself if things don’t go according to plan or if you have any setbacks or slip-ups!

You hate not being able to live up to your own expectations, especially because you know you are capable of SO much!

You tend to compare yourself now to yourself pre-baby, pre-injury, or to the you in a different season of life, such as your high school athlete days or a time when your career didn’t demand so much from you.

When you don’t feel like yourself, or when there are circumstances in your life that cause you to feel like you can’t give 110%, it makes you feel a little stuck, and that voice inside your head says, “why bother?”

And instead of constantly wondering where that strong, energetic, and vibrant girl you used to know is hiding, or feeling like “what the hell is wrong with me,” you simply want to feel accomplished and fulfilled, knowing that you gave the day your best!


A 4-month coaching mentorship that will help you transform your relationship with food, fitness, and most importantly, YOURSELF.


It’s your solution for feeling strong and super confident in (and out!) of your clothes, in the gym, and in your life as you become the person you really want to be and create a fit life that you feel incredibly proud of.

I started working with Athena after my second child had just turned one, and I felt like between the kids and work, I had lost my identity somewhere along the way. My own health and wellness had taken a back seat, resulting in me being heavier than I had ever been in my life.

I was eating whatever was around, I felt tired all the time, and I had a glass half empty attitude towards life. When I could, I would run outdoors a few miles 2-3 times a week, but I felt frustrated that I was seeing no fat loss results after months.

So I sought out a fitness coach, hoping to lose fat and tone up, but little did I know I was going to get SO much more out of this experience.

Once I met Athena, I immediately started on the process of gaining back my confidence and some sense of control over my habits and actions. Athena’s coaching program encourages autonomy, flexibility, and kindness to yourself. I quickly became a big believer in her “anti-perfect” philosophy and simple and sane approach to health and fitness.

Athena spends time carefully understanding her clients’ lifestyles so that the changes she recommends are always gradual and feel just right. They are never too much or too little, never forced or imposed.

The workouts Athena gives me are challenging, but safe, with videos to guide me. I love being able to send her videos of myself to check my form, and I’ve never felt bored with her workouts. Athena continues to challenge me to try new things and push myself, and best of all, she gives me workouts I can do at home so I don’t feel like I have to spend time away from kids in order to take care of myself. Good-bye mom guilt!

Athena is also a WEALTH of knowledge on the nutrition aspect of fat loss, which is so key. Her philosophy of adding (veggies and protein) and not subtracting, is brilliant, and I have learned SO many delicious recipes and nutrition strategies to help me not have to think about my food choices so much.

Athena helped me lose about 15 pounds. My body composition has shifted. I feel, look, and truly am stronger than I have ever been.

I am showing up differently in my relationships, with my kids, and at work. I find myself improving my sleeping habits, having more energy during the day at work, and being more focused. The other thing I have gained from this experience is an improved attitude toward my life. Every day I wake up and know that with Athena’s help I have the tools to continue making myself the best version of me!

If you are looking to lose fat, tone up, eat a more nutritious and energizing diet that will help you achieve your goals, and also start cultivating a more positive outlook towards yourself in this process, then Athena is the person for you. Working with her will be one of the best things you do not only for yourself, but the people around you too!”


.Hi, I’m Athena Concannon.

I’m an ACSM certified personal trainer, a Precision Nutrition L1 nutrition coach, the owner and founder of Achieve with Athena, and the creator of Best Self Coaching.

And I’m so excited to help you shine.

But first, I want you to know that I personally have felt stuck, unsure, and lacking true confidence many times in my life:

I grew up in a family that had mental illness, an environment that left me feeling helpless and not in control, turning to emotional eating and over-exercising as coping mechanisms.

I never felt like my body was good enough compared to the other girls in dance, through senior year of college.

Although I didn’t try every diet in the book, I still found the conflicting information out there very overwhelming, I listened to unrealistic diet culture messaging, and until I knew any better, I spent several years self-sabotaging with my own all or nothing, perfectionist way of thinking.

I never truly knew what I wanted to do with my life until I was 30. #BeatsSelfUp

I didn’t know how to go about leaving my very safe and comfortable corporate job to pursue my passion.

And when I finally started my online business, I was spinning my wheels, realizing that my entrepreneurial gig was going to require a lot more hand holding than I expected.

Just to name a few!

To me, there’s nothing that takes us further away from showing up as our best selves in our day to day lives than feeling stuck, but fitness has ALWAYS been the vehicle to help me start moving in the right direction again.

And this is how Best Self Coaching was born.

I created the Best Self Coaching mentorship because it breaks my heart seeing so many women going through the same things I did: feeling unworthy or stuck in some way, and turning to health and fitness, only to get carried away – or, on the flip side, let it fall completely to the wayside.

I created Best Self Coaching because I’m sick of seeing so many women hating their bodiesfrustrated by their lack of results, and feeling like something must be wrong with them because of society’s ridiculous standards, the comparison trap, and the number of programs out there that simply don’t set us up for success.

I created Best Self Coaching because I see so many women resign themselves to a “this is just how it has to be” mindset, when really they just need a little nudge to find themselves again and guidance pinpointing what to focus on for change to happen.

I created Best Self Coaching because I know that because you also value growing and improving (you ARE a go getter, after all), you don’t want to miss out on a single way that you might be able to make small tweaks and improvements to make your current fitness even more awesome than it already is, or find that awesome place it USED to be at!

And I created Best Self Coaching because I know just how powerful a tool fitness can be for keeping me and all of my amazing clients in a positive headspace, managing anxiety, feeling grounded and centered, and MORE… whether day to day or during tough times or hardship!


I found fitness after gaining 15-20 pounds during my 1st year of college. Yes, I had gone to a few group exercise classes here and there in high school (remember Jazzercise?!), but it wasn’t until I was actually carrying around extra unwanted pounds that I gave any thought whatsoever into wanting to look and feel better.

So I joined a gym, and I lost the weight, but more importantly, I learned very quickly that fitness meant SO much more to me than just a number on the scale or the size of my jeans.

I had spent the past 9 months gaining independence and learning to live away from home. To come home to family dynamics that were out of my control wasn’t easy! That was when the gym became my happy place, my escape, and somewhere I could go to feel at peace.

However, whenever life throws us things that are out of our control, it can be very easy to get carried away with seeking control via other means. And that’s what happened to me in my quest to be as healthy as possible.

Despite knowing better, I turned to methods like:

  • Restricting foods that I thought were “bad” for me
  • Prepping every single meal for the entire week on Sundays
  • Doing excessive cardio in the gym
  • Taking endless group fitness classes up the wazoo
  • Never taking time to just rest or BE

I equated more, more, more and doing, doing, doing with my sense of self-worth. It wasn’t healthy at all!

And it wasn’t until an injury quite literally forced me to slow down that I found the weight room and everything changed for me.

I fell in love with lifting weights, feeling strong, and seeing what my body was capable of doing instead of chasing my worthiness through the amount of calories I could burn through cardio, the need to always be doing or producing something, and being “perfect.”

Strength training is what helped me break free from the all or nothing trap, shifted my focus from the physical, built my confidence to do hard things, and created resilience to handle hard things.

I truly found my sense of self!

I have helped hundreds of women use fitness, nutrition, and self care as the path to feeling more empowered, accomplished, confident, and in control. And I want to help you become your best self self too!

I  never imagined having a virtual coach, but I am so happy I invested my time, money, and energy into Athena’s program. Her incredible knowledge, honesty, patience, kindness, and everything she stands for are things that are hard to find in the fitness world, so I could not pass up the opportunity.

I lost 18 pounds working with Athena, but more importantly, I have gained an unmeasurable amount of knowledge on health, nutrition, fitness, and self-care that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

One of the biggest dial-movers for me was realizing that I have always had the tools I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Athena simply helped me bring them to the forefront and learn how to prioritize what is important to me.

I know my weight loss is something that I will MAINTAIN and keep working at because I did not participate in some crazy fad diet where I will gain it all back.

I have now developed a lifestyle where meal-prepping, eating healthy, exercising, sleep patterns, and self-care are all pieces of a bigger puzzle that has so much more to it than a number on the scale!

During one of my last 1:1 coaching calls with Athena we discussed how much I have changed across the board in a year: not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.

The girl who signed up 16 weeks ago? Green and nervous. The girl I am now? Strong, confident, healthy, knowledgeable, and HAPPY! I think I will stick with her.

Athena, you have changed my life in so many ways and I could never put a price tag on it. THANK YOU for bringing out the girl I am now!




The confidence and clarity

Knowing exactly what YOUR individual body needsin terms of movement, nutrition, and self-care on any given day, and not having to cut through the noise of the fitness industry and diet culture to figure it out. 


The automation and ease

Making healthy decisions effortlessly, being clear on your needs and desires, and not having mom guilt or work guilt when you make time for YOU and your health.


The energy and focus

Waking up clear-headed and energized to participate in activities you enjoy as well as tackle whatever the day has in store for you.


    The flexibility and peace

    Not being paralyzed by your perfectionism, stressing less, and overcoming your all or nothing mindset that holds you back from so much.


    The strength and accomplishment

    Appreciating how strong and capable your body is, realizing how this can build your self-efficacy and translate into other areas of your life, and accomplishing things you never thought possible.


      The sustainability and day to day shifts

      Giving yourself permission to go inward in order to level up and create lasting changes that will shift how you show up in this world, whether as a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, corporate rockstar, entrepreneur, dog-owner, or just as your amazing, badass self! 

      When you become a Best Self Coaching client, I will take you through my signature S.E.L.F Framework to get you to where you want to be.

      We cover more than just how many reps and sets to do in the gym and what to eat for breakfast because let’s be honest, anyone can do what someone tells them to do for a few weeks. But then what happens?

      The S.E.L.F. Framework allows us to perform a thorough inventory to pinpoint exactly where you are, we’ll explore any key factors or limiting beliefs that might be holding you back, and we’ll work on creating SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE changes, one habit at a time, so you can finally feel fulfilled and FREE from negative self talk and crippling perfectionism.

      Instead, we will help you use your perfectionist qualities to your advantage, so you can approach your health in a more productive way.

      Working with Athena 1:1 has been life-changing, and that’s not me being hyperbolic. Since starting with her 1:1 coaching, I have felt so much less stuck not only in the fitness and nutrition areas of my life, but also in loving myself and celebrating what I can do. Working with her has shown me that it is the little changes and the shifts in habits and beliefs that are where the magic happens.

      Athena has both met me where I am, but also challenged me to push harder than I thought I could. I now strut confidently through the weight room (who’d have thought!), and have realized, with her help, support, and sometimes a little tough love, that a healthy lifestyle should be fun and enjoyable, otherwise it isn’t sustainable.

      Working with Athena has really empowered me to believe in myself. That making healthy choices truly becomes a lifestyle and not the chore I had always thought it was. Not only have I lost weight (35+ pounds!) and sizes, but with that I feel comfortable in my own body. As someone who has struggled with body image and acceptance since puberty, I used to feel extremely self-conscious all the time and would often have a lot of negative self-thoughts and comparisons; with Athena’s guidance, that mindset has shifted into one of loving myself and showing myself gratitude for where I am now.

      The past eighteen months working with Athena have been invaluable. She has shown me that above all else, we make choices for ourselves and that my goals are my goals, even if others might have things to say about them, I am in control. Sometimes we need a little kick in the butt to get there though, and I’m so glad Athena has been by my side to do that.


      Here are the 4 pillars always at the heart of Best Self Coaching:


      We understand that movement is a privilege.

      We work out + move our bodies not as a punishment or a chore, but because of how it makes us feel: strong and confident, energized, grounded.

      We love seeing the work we do in the gym trickle into other parts of our lives!

      We also prioritize daily movement outside of our training time. Our bodies are meant to move!


      We embrace #EmpoweredEating and make intentional food choices.

      We eat to support our active lifestyles.

      We eat to nourish AND fuel our bodies, which means sometimes our choices have a high nutritional profile, and other times they don’t. Both are allowed.

      We don’t deprive ourselves of foods we love.

        SELF CARE

        We prioritize self care, but we know we don’t have to be fancy about it.

        We focus on small, meaningful actions on a daily basis that we know will help us thrive and maintain our emotional well-being, things our future selves will thank us for.

        We have coping mechanisms in place outside of food, outside of the nightly glass of wine, and outside of being as busy as possible.

        Sleep, stress management, energy management, recovery from workouts, boundary setting, honest communication, relationships with others – it’s ALL part of it.



        Finally, we know that at the core of being our best selves requires a growth mindset and a willingness to always learn, up-level, and evolve.

        We don’t do complacency, we keep going even when things get hard!

        We embrace personal development, view failure as feedback, and work on not identifying and working through the limiting beliefs that hold us back in achieving our goals.

        The true magic of working with a coach in a 1:1 capacity is about so much more than losing fat or inches. It’s about what you GAIN: a sense of empowerment, newfound confidence, living fully and freely, feeling comfortable in your skin, and operating with respect for yourself and your body.

        Here’s What’s Included in Your Mentorship

        Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

        You will receive 8 private, 45 minute coaching calls throughout our 16 weeks together. We can check in on your progress and help you get crystal clear on what your next best action steps are. Knowing exactly what to do next in your health and fitness will allow you to be more present in other areas of your life.

        Unlimited Support Between Calls

        You will have unlimited text and email support to supplement your coaching calls and keep you on track between our sessions. Consider this
        a built-in support system to keep you focused on your goals and help you troubleshoot any question, obstacle, or situation that comes up in real time. Each week you will also have a goal setting and reflection sheet to fill out so you can celebrate what went well the previous week, identify areas for improvement, and stay motivated and accountable between coaching calls. 


        Customized Workout Programming

        You’ll receive efficient and effective workouts that are 100% tailored toward your schedule, your gym/equipment access, and your goals. Having a tailored plan not only takes the guesswork out of what to do at the gym, but it helps you feel more accomplished at the end of your workouts, knowing that your time spent was worthwhile and productive.

        Individualized Nutrition Coaching

        You’ll receive customized nutrition tools and strategies to help you feel in control around food. My clients love that this program doesn’t come with a restrictive meal plan or endless calorie counting, but instead focuses on nutrition behavior and gaining a better understanding of how different foods you eat will affect your hunger levels, your energy levels, and your cravings on a day to day basis. We tackle the barriers that get in the way of making nutritious choices that align with your goals – these barriers are different for everyone! I also have endless recipes and new food ideas to help in this area!


        Access to the Empowered Together Coaching Club

         As a 1:1 client, you’ll have access to my monthly membership club at no additional cost. This will give you the opportunity to also participate in the ETCC monthly challenges and connect with a supportive and like-minded group of women who are working on similar goals, while still having that high touch 1:1 support you desire. 

        *PLEASE NOTE: This is not required, this is a bonus to all my 1:1 clients. It will not make or break your coaching experience should you choose not to participate.

        Access to a private coaching portal

        You will receive access to a password protected portal where all the program material will be housed.

        This is where you will be able to access any supplemental resources to help enhance your experience in the program.

        Having everything in one spot will help keep you organized – it’s a huge time saver to not have to be digging through emails to find what you need.

        I truly want to make your experience as simple and stress-free as possible!

        One of my business core values is being a highly accessible coach for my clients. I never want anyone to feel like a number or lost in a group. Because of the high touch nature of my coaching program, I limit the number of women I work with at one time and only accept new clients on an application basis to make sure we are a good coach/client fit. To apply, click on the button below to fill out an application form and book a free consult. On your call, we’ll chat about your specific challenges and see if Best Self Coaching is right for you!

        My 1:1 coaching time with Athena was SO POWERFUL! I came into the program feeling like I was in a negativity vortex.

        Although before signing up for coaching I was a regular gym rat and a runner, I had put on weight, my clothes didn’t fit, and I had developed some bad eating habits. Plus my metabolism is slowing down as I get older, and it felt like everything was just spiraling out of control.

        Something about Athena’s philosophy really clicked with me. We worked together to identify the issues that needed to be addressed, and we talked about solutions and then broke those solutions down into manageable goals on a weekly basis.

        Athena was always accessible and willing to talk through any issues/habits/problems that came up for me. Sure enough, I began to slowly change my eating habits, lose some weight, and feel stronger and more in control of my life. Working with Athena, I lost 15 lbs and 2 jean sizes, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, I have made changes to my lifestyle and eating habits that will stay with me for my lifetime!”


        I cannot recommend 1:1 coaching with Athena enough! I initially signed up because I was looking for a lasting, long term solution to consistently eat better and exercise more regularly. Before working with Athena, my weekly routine would consist of a variety of group exercises classes and eating “healthy” Monday through Thursday. Once the weekends came, however, my entire schedule went out the window. It was a constant up and down battle, and I wasn’t seeing the fitness results I was looking for.

        From day 1 with Athena, she pushed me to figure out WHY my goals of eating better and exercising more were important to me. It was through discovering this why that we were able to make a solid plan for me with realistic, yet challenging goals that I was able to stick to.

        For example, I had never even lifted a weight before, but now I use them 3x a week and LOVE IT!

        In addition to all the results I’ve seen in the weight room, with Athena’s help, my confidence and approach to life has improved immensely. I recently made a huge life change and relocated to DC after living in Boston for over 9 years. This was a BIG and SCARY change for me that I don’t think I could have done before working with Athena. I was able to successfully navigate the difficulty and stress of this move by leveraging ALL of the techniques Athena has taught me over the years, including journaling (which is NOT as scary or foreign as it sounds), exercising consistently, fueling my body with the right types of foods, and celebrating all my successes each week.

        Athena’s approach truly is holistic, and I cannot thank her enough for all of her patience and knowledge which has made me a stronger woman.

        If you are at all looking for a better way to increase the wellness in your life, trust Athena!


        Again, 1:1 Coaching is for you if:


        You feel like you’re doing all the right things with your health, but you’re still unsatisfied with the way you eat, feel, and look. You want someone to take a look at what you’re doing and help you identify if there’s anything more (or less!) that you could be doing to get the type of results you want.


        You’re a committed and determined person, and you want to operate from a place of self-compassion when it comes to your health and fitness instead of a place of constantly beating yourself up if things don’t go according to plan.


        You know what you need to do to reach your goals, and you’ve been doing it, but you’ve found yourself in a health and fitness rut. This alone has killed your motivation, and has left you feeling frustrated, questioning yourself, and feeling bad about it.


        You feel disempowered and that you’re living a life that doesn’t align with your desires and core values. You aren’t really sure how to snap out of it without the confidence and belief in yourself.


        You know that having someone to push you, hold you accountable, (and call you on your BS!) will help you achieve the changes you want, but you feel nervous about getting lost in a group coaching program, you want more individual attention and the 1:1 access. You want someone to take the guesswork out of it and truly be there in your corner.


        You already LOVE working out and eating healthy, but you’ve either let these habits go, you’ve plateaued, or you are ready to take your current habits to the next level. You know there is even more you can achieve and just want someone who actually gets it and knows their stuff to help you!


        The investment for Best Self Coaching is $1800 upfront or $485 per month.

        This is a true investment in YOU, and I’m a big believer in getting what you pay for.

        Considering the average cost of a 2 personal training sessions a week at the gym can run you between $240-$800 per month, where all you get is a single workout, it’s really a no brainer.

        The Best Self Project brings you personal training for sure.

        But it ALSO brings you what most personal training packages are missing: the accountability, motivation, and support in between sessions to ensure your continued progress and success.

        Think about it:

        • Who’s helping you get your workouts done in between your weekly session when you don’t feel motivated or life gets in the way?
        • Do you even scratch the surface on nutrition?
        • Does that trainer take the time to help you navigate YOUR cravings, energy, and nighttime eating in the 60 minutes you have together?
        • How about the mindset work needed to help you grow?
        • Do they dive into your fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs?
        • Do they get you un-stuck!?

        Instead, you can invest in 1:1 coaching and get the whole she-bang: bi-weekly coaching calls, daily text access, a customized workout plan, individualized nutrition planning and support, weekly accountability check ins, and access to the Empowered Together Coaching Club.

        My clients will often say “I love working with you because it’s like having a personal trainer, life coach, and someone to help keep me on track with my eating living in my phone!”

        We laugh because it’s SO true.

        Look, the women I work with aren’t any different than you. It’s just that when they reached that fed up and fired up point, they decided to stop sitting on the sidelines of their life. They decided to say YES and invest in themselves.

        You have that very same opportunity, right now, to step into your success.

        I want you to get fired up about LOVING how you eat and move.

        I want you to get fired up at the thought of a STRESS-FREE transformation.

        I want you to get fired up about what your EMPOWERED LIFE (and body!) could look like, when you feel like you are always making forward momentum toward your goals.

          Get fired up about just how much you are 100% WORTH IT!!!

          Picture yourself several months from now:


          Feeling the most confident and strongest you’ve ever felt.


          Looking forward to your workouts because again, being active is just part of who you are, but also because you approach your workouts much more intentionally!


          Showing up as a more positive person overall, celebrating your successes instead of beating yourself up.


          Not feeling guilty when you make time for YOU and your health.


          Being more present and calm in all areas of your life because you aren’t always worrying about something else.


          Having a whole new approach to life and doing BIG THINGS!

          I hired Athena to get myself back into a routine and put fitness back at the forefront of my life after I moved, lost my routine and regular class schedule, and was struggling to figure out my next step.

          I did NOT expect to get out of it what I did: a completely new approach to fitness and food.

          Athena asked me to give her 12 weeks and to trust the process. I trust Athena, I did NOT trust the process, but in I went.

          And it was Athena in the end, not my doctor, who was able to figure out that my approach to nutrition and fitness had not been working and why.

          First, I used to be someone who took two or three Zumba classes back to back, and when I couldn’t get to a class, then I didn´t work out. I knew that I was supposed to also do strength training, but if I had to choose I would always choose cardio because I genuinely thought that’s how I would lose more weight.

          Second, I have a two month period every year where things get crazy at work. This year, as I approached this busy season, I expressed to Athena how nervous I was. I had already worked so hard for 6 months with her, and I knew what summer brings for me and in my industry. It is all-consuming, 6 weeks of around-the-clock, sometimes sleepless, overwhelming insanity. And every year for me that means the same things: I stop working out because I don´t have the time or energy, and I eat whatever, whenever, or sometimes not at all.

          Every year, I end summer heavier, exhausted, drained, and then it would always take me a month or two to get back to “normal.” I never lost weight because of this pattern.

          Through coaching with Athena, we planned DOABLE strategies for meals, we planned when and how I would get my workouts in, how many, how much time, what to do if I was stuck in the office, what to do if I didn´t get any sleep, and she attempted to convince me that no, I would not lose the 6 months of work I had put in, and that I would survive summer. I was terrified but in we went… AND SUMMER WENT OFF WITHOUT A HITCH.

          I worked out 5 times a week, I ate nutritious meals, and I took care of myself. Summer was insane, chaotic, exhausting, and nuts as it always is. It made our team shine and do their absolute best work as it always does. But this year, it didn´t happen at the expense of ME.

          Before summer I had already taken my new tools, strategies, and workouts to 10 different cities, a few different countries, hotel rooms, conferences, cruise ships, and it was awesome, but summer scared the hell out of me, it was my Everest, but I made it, and at the other end of the text message was always Athena, cheering me on.

          In total, I have lost over 30 pounds this year and dropped multiple sizes.

          I no longer have an excuse to not exercise. It’s not all or nothing, it’s not dependent on whether or not I can make it to a class. I have SO much energy now, I am SO much stronger, I eat WAY less, and I HAVE SO MUCH FREE TIME. It’s completely counterintuitive and I still can’t believe it. But it’s working!

          As a coach, Athena takes your successes and celebrates them with you. Your wins are hers too: she is always there to help and coach you on how to make things easier in order to be successful. This past year has taught me that it’s okay to admit when you need help, it’s great to be able to lean on others to help change your story. And Athena Concannon helped me change mine, 100%.”


          I was in a rut of feeling bad for myself and struggling to start or find any consistency. Learning to listen to my hunger cues and slow down while more mindfully eating has been a game changer for me. I love the mindset of empowered indulgences and choosing treats over feeling guilty for it – I feel more in control and I’m more aware of those decisions. I’ve lost 10 lbs while working together, but more importantly, I’m happier, I’ve gained confidence, and have established lasting habits,

          I’ve always considered myself a relatively healthy person but Athena has shown me that even small improvements can add up, consistency is key, and life will get in the way some days, but that’s okay! If you need help navigating the fad fitness and diet culture society we live in, seek Athena’s guidance and expertise! I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from her and I’m empowered to continue on my journey.”


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