Boost Your Breakfast Blueprint

Are you stuck in a breakfast rut and bored of eating the saaaame things over and over?


Do you often grab something not so great for you when rushing around in the morning?


Are you unsure about exactly what to eat to best fuel your day ahead?


The FREE Boost Your Breakfast Blueprint is here to help! 



I believe that what we eat for breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. 


Breakfast is often the first wellness related decision we make for ourselves in the morning. When we choose whole, nutrient dense foods that give us the right kind of energy boost that our bodies crave after a night of sleep, it paves the way for more nutritional success to come. 


However, even after we’ve learned exactly what types of foods are the best for us nutritionally, we may find that we end up eating the same thing over… and over… and over. We may wake up one morning and realize we are just super sick of our go to bowls of oatmeal or yogurt. Or maybe we can’t even stand to see one more hard-boiled egg! 


I actually remember a time that I literally ate the exact same bowl of cottage cheese with blueberries for MONTHS. I grew so annoyed with that damn cottage cheese bowl that I said screw it and started going through the Dunkin Donuts drive through on the way to work for a few weeks straight. That was a lot of unnecessary bagels! Whoops! 


It might also feel like a struggle to prepare a healthy breakfast when we are juggling a lot of responsibilities. If we’re hurrying out the door to get to work on time or get the kids on the bus, who has the time? Even if we are just TIRED and hit snooze a few extra times, breakfast can be the first thing to go.

The FREE Boost Your Breakfast Blueprint will help you:

    Understanding the right balance of protein, carbs, and fat to best satiate you for your day ahead will become second nature and one less thing to have to think about.
    Food boredom inevitably happens, but now you’ll have the right tools to add variety to your repertoire without adding a time of extra time or money.
    Ensuring your breakfast has enough satisfaction factor so that it doesn’t leave you feeling deprived will be key for overcoming snack attacks later in the day.
    Efficient meal prep strategies that don’t require hours cooking are the key to having nutritious grab and go options available for busy mornings.


Hi, I’m Athena, founder of Achieve with Athena and creator of the Boost Your Breakfast Blueprint.

I created this FREE guide because I’ve worked in the fitness industry as a trainer, wellness coach, and corporate wellness coordinator for over ten years, and one common frustration that I’ve heard from literally hundreds of busy parents and working professionals alike that it’s simply not always that easy to eat well in the morning! That it seems like something that should be easy enough to do, but often isn’t.


In fact, I’d actually say one of the top questions I’m asked by my clients and blog readers on a weekly basis is “what should I eat for breakfast?”


I know that nutrition can be overwhelming, and I know that it can be TOUGH to establish healthy habits, especially first thing in the morning. For years, I did the 9-5 grind while working TWO part-time gigs, so I know what it’s like to not have a lot of free time, nevermind free time to think about HOW and WHAT to eat! This is exactly why I was inspired to compile all my best breakfast boosting strategies into a four-part system covering nutrition, variety, flavor, and efficiency, and call it the Boost Your Breakfast Blueprint.


So if you are ready to beat breakfast boredom, excited to save time in the kitchen, and looking to start every day in both a nutritious AND satisfying way, then sign up to get your copy of my FREE Boost Your Breakfast Blueprint.


The Boost Your Breakfast Blueprint launches on February 15th! And it’s 100% FREE! 


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