Empowered Together Coaching Club

Empowered Together

Coaching Club

By Achieve with Athena

Empowered Together

Coaching Club

By Achieve with Athena

A thriving tribe of real women living real lives and committed to achieving real lasting fitness resultswithout sacrificing any fun along the way.

In the Empowered Together Coaching Club, we:

  • Use simple, stress-free, and realistic fitness approaches
  • Prioritize consistency over perfection 
  • Ditch the diet mentality and say good-bye to the scale
  • Are empowered to create fit and healthy lifestyles that we enjoy
  • Achieve forever fat loss while still eating foods we love
  • Root each other on every step of the way

    Basically, we’re an online #FitFam that makes fitness as enjoyable as possible so we can live our best, healthiest, and most empowered lives… TOGETHER! 


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Hi, I’m Athena, certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach, and owner and founder of Achieve with Athena.

My goal is to help women cut through the noise, overwhelm, loneliness, and dread that often clouds health and fitness and replace it with confidence, clarity, community, and JOY!

I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry in the commercial, corporate, and online settings for over a decade, and I hear from women all over the world how difficult it is to achieve the body change they desire while juggling all their daily demands. 

I truly believe that one of the things that makes fitness feel so daunting is the ridiculous amount of fad diets and rigid programs in today’s diet culture and health industry.

These programs are unfair to us because they don’t set us up for success. They have us obsessing over carbs, tracking every calorie, and spending hours in the gym. They don’t exist with our individuality in mind, and they certainly don’t empower us to have any autonomy in our unique journeys. Plus, they have us going at it alone! Where’s the fun in that? 

These programs are why so many people equate being healthy and fit with words like restriction, deprivation, hard, no time, too much effort, and boring. They are exactly why most people think that being healthy and working on their fitness and fat loss goals means that they have to make a ton of sacrifices, including fun factor and quality of life! 

But the Empowered Together Coaching Club is not your everyday fitness program.

In ETCC, we know that being healthy doesn’t have to mean cutting out carbs, spending hours in the kitchen prepping food, eating plain chicken breasts with unseasoned vegetables, or working out for hours every day. In fact, we are living proof that it’s 100% possible to live a fit life that is ENJOYABLE and still full of all our favorite things!

The women in the Empowered Together Coaching Club are busy and have a lot going on, which means that we don’t have time for all the rules out there that just leave us feeling like failures when we run out of the willpower to follow them. We can’t be bothered with keeping up with the latest and greatest fads. We need health and fitness to fit into our lives, not the other way around. 

So we still go out to eat with our friends. We still eat bread and drink wine. We actually look forward to the time we spend working out. We make fitness an activity that we can enjoy with our families. And we most certainly don’t spend all day obsessing about our next best healthy move.

We know that our day to day healthy choices do not have to suck, and we view fitness and self-care as something that enhances the quality of our lives instead of something that takes away from it. 

In our group, we don’t view fitness as a CHORE, but we also know that it’s totally normal to sometimes feel a little unmotivated. We’re REALISTIC, and we know and expect that these days are going to happen. We understand that life sometimes gets messy and we can’t plan for everything. We get it that there will be the occasional time to time we feel off from our usual routines, and that’s exactly why we need (and love!) our coaching club camaraderie! We remind each other of our #AntiPerfectFitness philosophies, that something is always better than nothing, and to do our best… that’s all we can ask of ourselves.

When I hear from women who tell me that they’re on again/off again and how they wish they could be consistent, I ask them if they have a tribe who supports them because sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement to make that ONE choice necessary to get back in the fitness game and back on track. That kind of encouragement is invaluable, and it shows up daily in ETCC for whomever needs it, no matter in what capacity! 

In the Empowered Together Coaching Club, we not only support each other, but we keep our fitness FUN and FRESH. And it’s because of this, that our fitness STICKS! 

Fall in love with feeling fabulous and see just how enjoyable maintaining healthy habits can actually be!

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How does this sound?!

  • Infusing more FUN into your day to day wellness choices – with monthly challenges to keep you energizedyour fitness fresh and varied, and your motivation high.

  • Implementing fat loss strategies that WORK and LAST – no meal plansrestrictionor counting calories involved! Simple and sane is the name of the game.

  • Becoming stronger, leaner, and getting the body change you want – all through the efficient and effective workouts and delicious and nutritious recipes that I’ll provide for you each month. 

  • Liking what you eat and having a positive relationship with food – no feeling guilty when you have treats or always vowing to start over again on Mondays. We’re all about loving our food choices in ETCC and upping the satisfaction factor of our day to day eats!

  • Being consistent and ON the wagon, for good – having the tools and support to navigate unforeseen circumstances or life situations that come up without completely throwing in the towel and beating yourself up.

  • Taking your current fitness to the next level – with the help of an expert coach you will have daily accessto for any and all of your questions along the way! 

The Empowered Together Coaching Club is your tribe, a team where EVERYONE has your back and you ALWAYS feel at home.

We all know that making any kind of change is HARD.

So we push each other when it’s needed.

We motivate each other from afar. 

We create lasting friendships and bonds with people we otherwise wouldn’t know. Some of us have even met up in person! 

We empower each other because we’re all in it together. 

And most importantly, we don’t let each other give up!

This tribe helps each other THRIVE. 

One of the number one things I pride myself on as a coach is creating a sense of fitness community, whether in my group exercise classes, small group training groups, or in my online group coaching programs.

What Empowered Together Coaching Club members get:


  • A minimum of 5 new workouts each month with accompanying video tutorials, each of which requires 30 minutes or less to complete and can be done with minimal equipment.

  • Workout adjustmentsmodifications, and video form checks as needed

  • monthly programming calendar so you know what workouts to do when for best results

  • Ongoing fitness education

  • Multiple LIVE workouts every month… just like taking a group fitness class, but from the comfort of your own home! 


  • New delicious and fat-loss friendly recipe ideas each month that require minimal prep so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time living your lives

  • Customized guidance for YOUR nutrition choices and journey 

  • Access to Athena’s #MasterYourMealPrep toolkit 

  • Ongoing nutrition education 


  • Monthly themes and challenges to keep things interesting and spiced up, voted on by the group! So far in 2018, the monthly focuses have been Up the Veggie Ante (January), Body Love Breakthrough (February), March Muscle Madness, Spring Cleaning (April), and in May our challenge will be Move It May with a similar format to the Fun + Fresh Fit Blitz!

  • Access to Athena for individualized coaching in a private Facebook group 

  • Daily Facebook posts from Athena to help you stay motivated and on track with your goals

  • Monthly Q&A sessions where you bring your questions and can get answers and action steps from Athena in real time

  • LIVE training sessions on topics relevant to the monthly themes, including expert guest speakers

  • The latest Achieve with Athena resources as they are created and rolled out

  • community of like-minded people cheering you on, holding you accountable, and supporting you every single day!

Who is the Empowered Together Coaching club for?

  • Women who thrive in a group atmosphere among other like-minded, strong, and encouraging women.

  • Women who are busy and want access to efficient and effective workoutssimple recipes, and an arsenal of other resources right at their fingertips.

  • Women who love health and fitness (or want to love it!) and see the value in always learning, improving, and growing. 

  • Women who are sick of doing the whole fitness thing alone and/or feel like the people closest to them aren’t on board with their efforts to create lifestyle changes. 

  • Women who want some extra help with motivation and accountability for getting and staying consistent.

  • Women who know that when they keep their fitness fun, it’s attainable all day, every day! What struggle?!

Who is the Empowered Together Coaching Club NOT for? 

  • Women who only care about seeing a smaller number on the scale, who want to count calories, and who want to be told exactly what to eat through a strict meal plan. 

  • Women who want a strict workout regimen with no wiggle room whatsoever and want to spend all day in the gym.

  • Women who aren’t willing to participate and meaningfully engage in a group environment by sharing their wins, posting about their daily wellness choices, and letting us know when challenges come up.

  • Women who want to play small and stay stuck in the overwhelm and struggle because it’s serving them and keeping them safe. 

  • Women who hate fun and don’t want to enjoy how they eat, who don’t want to like how they move, or who suck all the fun out of their own routineYou’ll just bring our group down, and we don’t want Debbie Downers. Sorry! 

Look, the Empowered Together Coaching Club isn’t for everybody, I get that! 

Lasting change doesn’t happen if you aren’t 100% on board with creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that you truly enjoy and makes you a better you. 

I only want women who are all in and excited about what living their fittest lives means for them. I want women who get excited to level up, regardless of whether they are a beginner or have been at it for years. I also only want women who are ready to give and take to their empowered sisters in a powerful community. You won’t get anything out of something you don’t give to. 

The choice is yours if you want to join a supportive group and work with an expert coach who is with you every single step of the way, actually takes into consideration where you currently are on YOUR journey, and actually cares about YOU!!! This includes YOUR goals, YOUR schedule, YOUR past experiences, YOUR motivators, YOUR obstacles, YOUR core values, and YOUR personal, social, and professional obligations.

Yes, the Empowered Together Coaching Club is a GROUP membership, BUT each one of us is unique, with our own lives and unique set of circumstances, and this is exactly why we should consider an EMPOWERED approach to fitness instead of trying to fit our set of circumstances into a box.

Let me help you!

Join MONTHLY for only $39.99 per month, no minimum commitment


Sign up for 6 MONTHS at 15% off with a single payment of $204

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Whether you are just starting on your fitness journey or you are looking for a place to confidently maintain your fit life and continue to get the tools for success, the Empowered Together Coaching Club is for you.

There are no gimmicks, quick fixes, or shortcuts involved – just a simplified approach to building consistent fitness habits for the long haul and a tribe that will be 100% in your corner as we reach our goals together and infuse some fun every step of the way.

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Let me help you!

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Join MONTHLY for only $39.99 per month, no minimum commitment

Not Sure? Book a FREE 30 Minute Connection Call!

Sign up for 6 MONTHS at 15% off with a single payment of $204

Not Sure? Book a FREE 30 Minute Connection Call!

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