Empowered Together Coaching Club


A group fitness program designed for women who want to get strong, build confidence, and establish sustainable nutrition habits… without having to go at it alone

Empowered Together Coaching Club


A group fitness program designed for women who want to get strong, build confidence, and establish sustainable nutrition habits… without having to go at it alone

You want to get stronger, feel more energized, and be more comfortable in your body.

You want a flexible approach to your fitness and nutrition, but one that doesn’t make you feel you have to look a certain way in order to be healthy, or fit a certain mold in order to reach your goals.

You want consistency and intentionality in your workouts – you’re tired of feeling unsure of how effective what you’re doing now actually is.

You’re simply looking for a down to earth – and FUN – approach to the way you move and the way you eat!

And you want to feel supported and connected to other like-minded women while you’re at it!



“These are the people I want to share my struggles and wins with. They “get me,” don’t judge me, celebrate when I eat the bread without guilt, and cheer me on when I feel like a champ after a lift. Athena and the ETCC ladies support me not only in fitness and nutrition, but in life too. And that is incredible. Fierce lady friendships are the BEST.”

~Liz G~

You get all of this and more in the Empowered Together Coaching Club

When you join the Empowered Together Coaching Club, you will:


Be more intentional about your workouts

When armed with a well-rounded strength training program, it’s hard NOT to be consistent and see the progress over time! Instead of randomly piecing together a little of this from Instagram and a little of that from Pinterest, or not ever feeling really sure that what you’re doing is quite right, you’ll have the exact resources you need at your fingertips to get stronger and feel super confident in your approach.


Focus on more than reps and sets

Your total wellness is much deeper than the food you’re eating and the workouts you’re doing. In ETCC, we take a holistic approach and make sure we prioritize rest and meaningful self care just as much as we do our lifts and veggies! We also tackle topics such as comparison trap, motivation hacks, body image, diet culture, burnout, and more.


Have the accountability you need to stay on track

In ETCC, we have weekly goal setting threads where we put ourselves on the hook for the week ahead. In these threads, I provide coaching feedback and guidance and make sure you feel set up for success no matter what you have going on personally. Often times we need this kind of structure or to feel on the hook to others in order to follow through on getting things done and showing up for yourself.


Have a supportive space to show up unapologetically

Making new friends as adults, nevermind as adults during a pandemic, is HARD. In ETCC, you will join an unparalleled, judgment free group that genuinely wants to celebrate you through wins both big and small and support you through any day to day struggles or challenges you might be having.


Have a lot of FUN and keep things FRESH!

Healthy living doesn’t need to be so strict and serious all the time. In ETCC, you will join the movement to take the self-imposed pressure off yourself in exchange for a more enjoyable, balanced, and empowered approach. From monthly theme challenges to pop-up lunch time chats to seasonally appropriate workout names to exchanging workout playlist inspiration to our (optional) Secret Santa exchanges, you will appreciate the refreshing vibe of the community. Oh, and #FridayFlexBreaks and #SweatySelfies are always welcome.


“ETCC has such a special place in my heart. I love how we all come from such different walks of life and otherwise most likely would never cross paths, but we’ve all grown so much together over the years. It’s just so wonderful to have a non-judgemental, supportive space to come into when I need a pick me up, or when I want to celebrate a win! ETCC has truly been a saving grace throughout this pandemic, too. I say it all the time, but I am seriously so grateful for all of you strong, badass, women!”


The Empowered Together Coaching Club is more than just a workout group.

It is a place where women of different backgrounds, shapes, and sizes come together for connection, support, and encouragement while creating lifestyle that focus on physical, mental, and social wellness.

Yes, we lift weights.

We also lift each other up.

And we’d love to welcome you, exactly how you are.

Hi, I’m Athena Concannon.

I’m an ACSM certified personal trainer, a Precision Nutrition L1 nutrition coach, the owner and founder of Achieve with Athena, and the creator of the Empowered Together Coaching Club.

I’m so excited – and honored – to be a part of your journey to becoming your strongest, most confident, BEST self.

Something that is important to me as a coach is helping women realize that fitness is not something that has an end date. This is a huge problem with so many of the programs that exist in the fitness and nutrition space: there’s so much focus on a 30 day transformation, a 12 week journey, a 7 day challenge.

But what happens after that last day?

Fitness and nutrition are not things you master overnight, nor are they things you can expect to ever “arrive” perfectly at.

They are also things that will shift as your own personal seasons of life change, and it’s important to be able to adapt as different things come up.

This is why I created the Empowered Together Coaching Club as a membership program. There is no end date, unless you want there to be one!

 Your journey away from diet culture and societal fitness ideals and into a more empowered way of living is ongoing, always evolving.

So why not have a coach and community to turn to help you learn, thrive, and grow, as you create a habit-based approach that feels manageable and realistic for YOUR life and your unique circumstances?

I know from personal experience that being around other women who “get it” is incredibly helpful, no matter what type of goal you are working on. Sometimes you just need to know that you aren’t the only one who feels a certain way!!

The accountability you can provide each other, the ideas you can exchange with each other, and the relationships you’ll develop will be well worth your monthly investment alone!


“I love the spirit and energy of this group. I’ve always been an individual athlete, and this group gives me support, ideas, and camaraderie that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”



“Since joining ETCC, I’m seeing actual changes in my lifts and my body, and I’ve been more intentional and purposeful about my movement. In this group, I found a fitness community during COVID that kept me motivated to continue working out and provided me with people to talk to about my goals and love of fitness! Most of my friends and family members aren’t really into this stuff, but it’s a major priority for me.”



“I’m the older person in the group, and I love all the energy and support from everyone. I hope someday after this pandemic we can all meet in person and give each other big hugs. I’m thankful for Athena bringing positive energy here, but also her struggles as well, and encouraging us to share. Makes us feel we’re not alone out there and all go through tough times.”


Here’s what’s included in your ETCC Membership::


Monthly strength training program

Each month you will receive a 4-week workout plan that consists of 3 strength training workouts. The workouts are programmed with progressive overload in mind, so you can get stronger each week, and each workout comes with a video tutorial that reviews both proper (and improper) form and provides modification options, so you know exactly what to do (and not do). Each month you will also be able to submit workout requests that are taken into consideration when I write the workouts!


Bonus cardio and core workouts

To supplement your strength training plan, each month you will also receive 3 bonus cardio/core workouts. These are designed to be sprinkled in throughout the month for variety and be used in conjunction with other types of workouts that you love doing, such as running, spinning, taking Zumba classes, etc.


Monthly challenge or theme focus

To keep motivation high and to up the fun factor of our group, you will also get access to an optional challenge each month, voted on by the group members. Examples of past challenges include things like Move It March, Body Love Bootcamp, SQUATember, Up the Veggie Ante, Summer Strong, Spring Cleaning, Joyful June, Outdoor October, Thanks and Planks, Winter Wake Up, Beat the Holiday Hustle, and more.

Access to a members only portal

You will receive access to a password protected portal where all your ETCC program materials are housed. This is not only where you will be able to access the monthly workouts, videos, and challenges, but you’ll have an arsenal of other resources at your fingertips that will help you focus on moving, fueling, and taking care of your body.

Ongoing support from me and your fellow ETCC members

The private Facebook group is where the community portion of ETCC is held and also where I will be available to help you set realistic goals each week and answer any questions you have with personalized coaching guidance and strategies that make sense for you and YOUR goals. I comment on your posts, post myself, and provide you with feedback. It’s important to me that you feel supported every step of the way, not just thrown into a group never to be addressed personally.

Finally, with your ETCC membership come several little “extras” along the way, such as pop-up events, LIVE workouts, group calls, guest expert classes and trainings, book club reads, and other special things like this that keep people coming back for more!

Again, ETCC membership is for you if:


You want to feel better and increase your energy by taking care of the one body you have. You know that if you’re making educated and empowered choices, you’ll feel in control, comfortable with your decisions (yes, even the ones that mainstream messaging says are “bad”), and confident in your body.


You are busy and have a lot going on. You already have enough decisions to make daily, and what to do for a workout adds to your mental load. Having an expert to help you simplify this part of your life would mean 1 less thing for YOU to research/figure out on your own.


You are ready to commit to a more purposeful strength training program and are excited about getting stronger and what that will mean for your day to day life (hello walking up stairs, picking up your kids, carrying the groceries inside all at once, the list goes ON). The thought of seeing some extra muscle on your body doesn’t exactly upset you, either!


You love the idea of having some extra accountability built into your program. You won’t have to guess if what you’re doing is working or not, because you’ll be guided every step of the way. You know if you feel stuck, you’ll be able to get answers that are personalized for you and your circumstances.


You are sick of doing the whole fitness thing alone and/or you feel like the people closest to you aren’t on board with your efforts to make changes. You know having the right support system is crucial for reaching your goals, and you’ve been craving connection with like-minded people…. especially since the start of the pandemic!

This is your opportunity to take action, right here and right now, to join ETCC and become part of the best online #FitFam out there. We make fitness as enjoyable as possible so we can live our best, healthiest, and most empowered lives, TOGETHER.

Just click the button below, and you’ll be on your way!

 Upon making payment, you will receive 2 emails to your inbox: 1 that grants you access to the ETCC membership portal, and another from Athena outlining everything you need to get set up for success and be well on your way! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email info@achievewithathena.com.



What types of workouts can I expect each month?

Every month you will receive 6 new workouts: 3 lifts designed to be completed each week of the month with progressive overload in mind, 2 cardio workouts, and 1 core workout. The cardio and core workouts are provided for you to sprinkle in throughout the month for variety!

What equipment will I need to complete the workouts?

The strength workouts are written to be adaptable for your personal workout equipment access. The majority of ETCC members complete the workouts with dumbbells, but the beauty of having access to Athena for questions as they come up is that she can help you adapt for kettlebells, barbells, bands, TRX, etc.

How long will the workouts take?

The strength workouts are written to take about 45 minutes, give or take, and Athena provides guidance on how to shorten or lengthen depending on your personal situation. The cardio and core workouts are always 20 minutes or less.

What if I like to do other types of workouts? Can I still participate?

Absolutely! We never want you to give up the types of movement that you enjoy, and Athena can coach you through how to structure your week so that you get the most bang for your buck

Are there any joining or cancellation fees?

Nope! I want to make this experience as stress free as possible for you.

What happens after I sign up?

After you make payment, you will receive 2 emails. The first will be granting you access to the ETCC member only portal and contain your login information. The second will be from Athena personally, outlining all your next steps so you know exactly what to do!

How does the monthly payment work?

Your membership fee will be withdrawn from your credit card automatically each month, just like any other recurring payment you have! You will not have to remember to pay each month.

What if I do want to leave the group at some point?

All you have to do is email info@achievewithathena.com before your next monthly payment goes through, and we’ll take care of it. Once you cancel your membership, you will be taken out of the Facebook community and lose access to the private member only portal where the workouts and resources are housed.

What if I leave, but then want to rejoin at another time?

We will welcome you back with open arms! Please know that the price you join ETCC at will be the price honored for you as long as you are a continuous member of the group. If you leave, you are of course welcome back at any time, but your price point will be at whatever the going rate is at that time, even if that is higher.

What if I’m not a huge Facebook user?

Totally fine! There is no required amount of Facebook use in order to be a member of ETCC. The Facebook community there for you to take advantage of as much or as little as you wish. It is where coaching access to Athena takes place for questions, but if you simply want access to the monthly workouts, that’s fine!

I’m feeling unsure about joining. Can we talk through it first before I commit?

Absolutely. I always want to make sure the women I work with are completely confident in their decisions, and sometimes talking it out is what helps seal the deal either way. I am booking free, no-obligation connection consults for this purpose. Don’t hesitate to book one here, I’d love to chat with you.

What if I would prefer to work with you privately?

You can always apply for a 1:1 coaching spot. You can find the application and schedule a free connection consult here. Then we can chat further about whether any of my private coaching options would be a better fit for you.

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