Hello! Like my Valentine’s Day pants?!

Pink Pants


They match my Ring Cozy. And my sneakers. And my socks. I’m a loser.

Pink Pants from Marshalls

I wanted to pop in today and share a fun Valentine’s Day workout with you guys. I taught this as a partner class this morning with my Thursday morning group, and I thought some of you might want to try it tomorrow or over the weekend. It’s designed to be done with a buddy, so grab your significant other or a gal pal, and enjoy!

Valentine's Day Workout 2015

The bulk of this workout comes from the upper and lower body push and pull strength sections, which I thought were perfect to go along with both the love songs and the anti-love songs on my playlist. Fun, right? Liz gave me the idea while we were texting the other night.

2015 Valentine's Day Playlist


For the push and pull supersets, I had the partners decide who was Partner A and who was Partner B. Partner A did 10 reps of the push exercise while Partner B will did 10 reps of the pull exercise, then they switched. We did each pair of exercises for three rounds total. I threw in a couple of partner cardio blasts in between upper and lower body sets too. After upper body, we did 90 seconds of lateral shuffles mirroring each other, and after lower body, we did 90 seconds of high five burpees.

Valentine's Day Burpees

We finished class with some group work, but the exercises can easily be adapted to partner moves!

Valentine's Day Workout 2015


Valentine's Day 2015 Workout

I uploaded some videos of the moves to my YouTube channel if you want to check them out! I had fun this morning, but I wish all my regulars were back. Classes have been so small lately because of the Boston snow. It also wasn’t the same without Liz teaching back to back. Theme classes are when I miss my old Two A Day Tuesday schedule the most.

Readers, let’s chat! Do you have any Valentine’s Day workouts to share? Do you like working out with a buddy or your significant other?

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